Type of Elders caring:

Perspectives of Caretakers
1. Home care: Elders live in their homes, and family members take care of them directly.
2. Community care: community care is the caring service that when elders are in trouble or have some problems at their homes, we can care about   them by using the resource in community.
3. Institutional care: elders live in caring institutions/organizations, they will take care of everything in daily life.

Perspectives of caring organizations
1. Formally organized care: social service departments of government provide
services for elders.
2. Informal care: families, relatives, friends and neighbors provide services for
 caring elders.
a. Provide non-technical support, ex: cleaning, feeding, taking bath…
b. Solve problems much faster.

Contents of Elders caring:
1. Daily care
2. Economic care:
allowance from family, government, and caring organizations.
3. Health care: medicine taking, nursing, recovery…
4. Mental care

Ways of elders’ caring services providing:
1. Un-institutionalization of elders’ service.
2. Subjects targeting and rationing:
provide services for those who really need it.
3. Emphasize rules and quality of service.
4. Increase the dependence on home caring.

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