Time: 1:30pm

Interviewee: 國宅Community, Manager, Miss Lee(李金雀)


1. Demands and problems of the elders in their life?

    - Become happy and learn from the services that community provides for them.

    - The elders must come out from solitary life and interact with others in their community. 

    - Need other people's care. 


2. What are those caring services that community provides for elders at present? 

    - Hold many activities on special holidays and one’s birthday.

    - Visit the elders regularly. 

    - Elders’ club, hold lots of activities and events, such as Travel.

    - Courses for elders to learn something interesting, such as sign language, handicraft, self-health care.


3. Whether those services improved their quality of life?

     - Difficulties: participation rate is low, lack of resources

     - However, they encouraged some of the elders to attend events successfully.


4. Has the government assisted this community to promote the caring service?

   - The government didn’t do much about the caring services for this community, however, on the other hand, this community held many kinds of event, activities, plans about the elders for the government.


5. How to train those volunteer assists who help look after elders?

     - Professional training for 24 hours.

     - Design courses for teaching assists how to care elders.


6. As for the elders’ caring, what else does this community need to improve? What kind of support can our government give? Difficulties and problems?

     - How to make more elders go out of the household, keep in touch with the community.

     - Family’s thinking of caring the elders.

     - More resource on elders’ caring for communities.


7. If we can design the course about how to improve elders’ caring, for this community, what’s the content for this course?

     - Increase their own confidence and speed of learning.

     - Teaching with patience and reaches the elders’ demand.

     - Hope the elders can study and learn in happiness.

     - Solve the problem for the elders, such as senile dementia.

     - Take care of the development about bodies and mental state of elders.


 Conclusion:  How to encourage and attract those elders to go out of their home, join the events and activities that community provides for them will be very important in this issue.

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