Family’s financial situation in Indonesia is very varied, this condition will make three differences what happened if people in their family getting old, first lets discuss what condition of family in Indonesia

  1. Rich Family

Rich Family just like a busy family, so when someone get old in that family, they will choose to stay in nursing house or hire some helper to take care.



Picture 1. Elder In Nursing House


  1. Moderate Family

Moderate Family they didn’t have enough money to hire a helper to take care an elder, so in this kind of family they have a lot of love in their live, but in this case their child who take care them, didn’t have any skill to take care an elder.



Picture 2. Elder in Moderate Family

  1. Poor Family

Poor Family they didn’t have enough fund to life, so actually elder in poor family they have more strength, in other word they more healthy than other elder.



Picture 3. Elder in Poor Family




Picture 4. Elder in Poor Family


In That 3 condition we can gave an education for family, in the first family we need to teach about love to caring their parent, and the second family we can teach them how to take care their parent with our education community, and the third family we can teach them to go to free nursing house where in this place they can still work.




Picture 5. Free Nursing House



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